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Buy Bitcoin in the USA

Now that bitcoin is testing every country’s freedom and values, America’s “land of the free” mantra has been given the perfect opportunity to prove if it’s true or false. Recently, the slow reaction time for regulators in the country have many worrying that the USA will fall behind in the cryptocurrency race. With the tragic BitLicense New York regulation, only 9 companies have received licenses since passing in 2015, the ability to buy bitcoin in the USA easily and conveniently continues to change monthly in the country.

This hasn’t stopped people from using credit cards or finding anonymous exchanges in the US to buy bitcoin. The few exchanges exiting America because of strict KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) laws in the US, are making it difficult at times to purchase crypto. As Venezuela, India and Africa have already proven, the governments that try to stop bitcoin have the weakest currencies in the global economy. Since they are all pegged to the dollar, it really should be easier to get into btc and avoid the cryptocurrency FUD in the US media.

Best Bitcoin Exchanges in the USA

The most popular bitcoin exchanges in the USA are not necessarily the best exchanges for people who want anonymity. The top exchanges and most trusted are by far Coinbase and Kraken in the US, the chances of either exchange running away with customers money and not selling them crypto currencies, is highly unlikely.

As long as nobody is storing crypto on an exchange, rather than a hardware wallet, those two are perfect for the KYC loving credit card and bank wire transfers for buying bitcoin.

A full list of best bitcoin exchanges selling bitcoin in the US, is below with the anonymous bitcoin exchanges explained even further below.

The Best Bitcoin Exchanges in the US for 2019 are:

Exchange TypePopular InKYCCurrencies 
KrakenExchange / Trading PlatformGlobalYesEUR, CAD, VND, USD, CNY, BTC, ETH, XMR (more)Continue

BitpandaExchange / Trading Platform Europe and UKYesEUR, CHF, GBP and USD. BTC, ETH, LTC (more)Continue

LocalBitcoinsP2P Bitcoin Buying and SellingGlobalYesEUR, GBP, USD, IDR, CNY, JPY, BTC, LTC, ETHContinue
PaybisExchange / Trading PlatformYesRUB, USD, EUR, GBP, Perfect Money, Yandex Money, Payeer, Adv Cash Continue
CoinbaseExchange / Trading PlatformGlobal (Future Banking Cartel) YesUSD, VND, CNY, GBP, EURContinue


Buying Bitcoin with Credit Cards in the USA

As the crypto reddit threads constantly show questions for buying bitcoin with credit cards in the US being difficult, most people can save themselves some time with Coinbase for instant debit card purchases and easily buying bitcoin with credit cards.

Changelly and Paxful will allow anonymous credit card purchases with pre-paid Visa or MasterCard options available. The reason for the verification at Coinbase is to avoid stolen credit cards, whereas the limits on pre-paid cards are low enough and coded differently for anonymous exchanges to sell bitcoin for small amounts.

Coinmama (serving 23 of 50 states) and Paybis are the only others that accept credit cards for bitcoin purchases in the US.

Best Anonymous Bitcoin Buying Options in the US

Anonymity when buying bitcoin is available everywhere in the world and America is no different. Having exchanges, banks, internet providers store people’s personal data has always left consumers information in the hands of the groups hackers like the most.

Part of the benefit of owning bitcoin, is having control of your own money. Internet security firms have continually warned banks and governments about the risks their lack of security create for customers, not having to trust them to protect cryptocurrency is one of the benefits.

The best Anonymous bitcoin and crypto currency exchanges for US residents are:

Three of our favorite anonymous bitcoin exchanges, Changelly, Hodlhodl and bisq offer completely different solutions for buying and selling bitcoin (and alt-coins) anonymously worldwide.

Bitcoin meetups are a great place to meet bitcoin sellers, the New York bitcoin meetup group has over 8,000 members, almost double the Silicon Valley Bitcoin group.

You also have the buyers and sellers on craigslist and other local advertisements that people run as bitcoin entrepreneurs everywhere.