One of the most attractive benefits of a de-centralized coin like bitcoin is the freedom to use it in any country across borders and paying pretty insignificant service fees. This is a perfect benefit for anyone that’s looking to send bitcoin to countries like Venezuela, where their coin has become practically useless, or Mexico, where sending money from the United States can become quite expensive, inconvenient and sometimes even dangerous.

Every day we see how the United States keeps making it harder and harder to send money to Mexico, forcing some people to even send cash through the regular mail! Some immigrants are very cautious when sending their money due to the fear of it being traced back to them, leading to their deportation. What’s the point of earning your own money if both the banks and the government are limiting what you can do with it?

No more risks. No more half-owning your money. With bitcoin you can send money from the United States to Mexico in a matter of minutes, paying tiny fees and from the comfort of your own home. To send bitcoin to Mexico from the United States just follow these steps:

Create Your Bitcoin Accounts

If you still haven’t gotten your crypto accounts ready, making them is very simple. There are lots of exchange platforms. If you’re looking for the most trust-worthy, we’ve listed the best United States bitcoin exchanges and the best bitcoin exchanges in Mexico. Bitcoin banking may seem intimidating but you’ll be surprised of how easy it is to use the accounts. Some even have their own Android or iOs app to make your banking experience as easy and convenient as possible.

Change Dollars To Bitcoins In Your USA Account

Now that you have your bitcoin accounts, load the money to your USA account. The most popular way to do it is via bank transfer, registering your bank card as if you were buying anything on Amazon. You can buy down to 0.00000001 of a bitcoin (a small fraction of a penny) so you can change however many dollars you need.

Buying bitcoin isn’t always an immediate process, some platforms may take up to a couple of hours to process your purchase. If you don’t see it right away, don’t worry! Your bitcoin purchase may just need a bit of time to be verified.

Transfer Bitcoin To Your Mexican Account

Once you have your bitcoins ready in your USA account you need to transfer it to the Mexican one. To do it simply look for the bitcoin address of your Mexican account. That address is an alphanumeric key of 26 to 35 characters. It looks like this:


Consider that your account number. Look in your USA account the “send payment” option and put your Mexican bitcoin address there. Choose the amount you want to send and send it.

Exchange Bitcoin To Mexican Pesos

After usually half an hour your bitcoin transfer will be showing as completed at the other side, that being the Mexican account. The next step is simply to exchange it so you can get Mexican Pesos. To achieve this simply look for the “Selling” option in your Mexican account. Choose the amount you want to exchange (or click on “exchange all”) and you’ll be able to instantly transform that bitcoin into Mexican Pesos. These can be transferred to any bank account you have associated to your bitcoin account. Services like Volabit allow you to sell your bitcoin directly when transferring your money to your bank account. The transfer may take up to a couple of business days to be completed. However if you transfer it in the morning of a business day it should usually be ready for you in your bank the same afternoon.

Do you see how easy it is? You don’t have to depend on banks or be threatened by laws written to limit your ownership of your money. Bitcoin is safe, convenient and confidential. All you need is to convert your dollars into Bitcoin, transfer it and convert it into Pesos. That’s it! If the person you’re sending money to isn’t very tech-savvy, you can handle the whole process from beginning to end.

If we don’t count the time that it takes for the transfers to be validated, the whole process can take less than five minutes. All you need is to spend a couple of minutes exchanging your money into bitcoin and transfer it, then another couple of minutes to exchange your bitcoin into Pesos and transfer it to a Mexican account.

If You’re Sending Money To Mexico From The USA With Bitcoin:

  1. Fluctuation: Bitcoin is quite volatile, just as you can make money you can lose money. If you want to minimize risks, finish the whole process the same day.
  2. Privacy: If you’re worried about privacy and you wish to do everything anonymously, use anonymous bitcoin exchange services and don’t forget to activate your VPN before using any bitcoin platform
  3. Don’t Lose Money: Make sure to check the service fees and the price of both bitcoin and the US dollar. The best time to transfer it is when the dollar is high and the bitcoin is low. That way your money will have more chances of growing rather than diminishing.
  4. Saving With Bitcoin: Bitcoin, as we said, is volatile. If you wish to keep some savings in bitcoin consider them an investment. Keep it in a digital wallet and remember to invest smartly: investing only however much you’re willing to lose.