Buying Bitcoin in Vietnam with Dong

Now that the Yuan and Vietnamese Dong are acceptable currencies in the country, people in Vietnam have more options than ever before to buy bitcoin. What better way to protest the new economic zones in Vietnam than buying bitcoin and holding? It’s a form of peaceful protest and is a great store of value for the dong or yuan.

Buying Bitcoin Anonymously in Vietnam

The usual anonymous bitcoin options, whether using Vietnamese Dong, Chinese Yuan, USD or other currencies around the world can be more difficult but are perfect for privately purchasing cryptocurrency without identification.

More Anonymous Bitcoin Option in Vietnam

While bitcoin ATMs are popular in Vietnam and around the world, the fees of some machines keep many away. Ho Cho Minh City is the only place with Bitcoin ATMs and of the five available, the one at Nguyens Cafe DCT has a 1% bitcoin fee for buying and selling, making this a decent option in the country.

The Vietnam bitcoin meetups in Saigon are also a great place to meet bitcoin holders willing to sell bitcoin.