Buying Bitcoin in Turkey

As the Turkish Lira continues to decline in value on the world financial market, people in Turkey are buying bitcoin with their Lira, rather than hope the central bank can fix a 50 year problem storing value in the currency.

Like Indonesia in 1997, the debts in Turkey don’t have a lot security backing them, so traders around the world get to pummel the currency for profits in their national currency and a nice bonus at the end of the year.

Best Bitcoin Exchanges in Turkey

While there are many exchanges available in Turkey, the fear some customers have with KYC and identification is well founded. Erdogan wants the Lira to have value to people around the world while many compare him to Putin. This is one of the reasons bitcoin exchanges in Turkey are seeing massive volumes in crypto currency as people aren’t easily tricked to believing currencies like the Lira will increase in value when compared to a decentralized currency.

While exchanges like Koinim, BTCTurk and Paribu are popular in the country, the KYC/AML process can take a long time. Purchases using bank transfers are tracked quite heavily by the Turkish banks, which can lead to customers data being hacked

Many people choose to trade person to person in the mycelium app for bitcoin buying and selling crypto or one of the trusted exchanges below that will wire large amounts from Turkish banks.

The best exchanges available in Turkey for purchasing bitcoin currently are:



Best Anonymous Exchanges in Turkey | Anonim Bitcoin Pazar Alanı Türkiye

Finding anonymous bitcoin exchanges in places like Turkey is still possible and the best ones that people use around the world are listed below. The decentralized exchange bisq has a decent amount of trading for Euros and USD, the Lira is probably not the easiest currency to find traders wanting for currencies. There is also hodlhodl and paxful for person to person bitcoin exchanges, hodlhodl being the decentralized exchange people on localbitcoins moved to when KYC became increasingly requested on the site.

The best anonymous bitcoin exchanges available in Turkey currently are:

Other Options to Buy Bitcoin in Turkey

As mentioned above, mycelium app uses location data (not giving out your details) for people to make person to person trades around the world. There is a fee in the app of only 1% for buying and selling bitcoin anywhere in the world, which is a really good fee in a lot of countries.

There are also the traders in Istanbul on the bitcoin talk forum that will buy and sell throughout the city. Watch out for the “altcoin” and ICO promoters on the forum.

There are no bitcoin ATMs in Turkey which isn’t that bad considering the fees are extremely high for buying bitcoin from most of them. There will be more than a few people at the Bitcoin Istanbul meetups that will sell bitcoin.