Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

The wait time for bitcoin to be used as a payment method ended ever since bitcoin debit cards entered the crypto world. If you want to buy your starbucks coffee with bitcoin, the bitcoin Visa and MasterCard options available are everywhere now. Simply load your bitcoin in the debit card providers wallet (connected to your card) and withdrawal cash at ATM’s or buy anything Visa and MasterCard are accepted as payment methods.

One of the bitcoin debit cards below will ship you a bitcoin debit card in the US, UK, Europe or even India for using your bitcoin to purchase anything a credit card is accepted for, anywhere in the world. The process is similar to selling your bitcoin through the card providers like any bitcoin exchange. Rather than actually sell your bitcoin, the card providers cover your purchases and ATM withdrawals with the bitcoin equivalent in your bitcoin debit card wallet.

The best bitcoin debit cards in 2018 are:

ProviderCard TypeCurrencyCountries Allowed
AdvCashMasterCard or VisaUSD, GBP, EUR, RUBWorldwide Excluding USAContinue
CryptoPayVisaUSD, EUR or GBPUK, Europe, RussiaContinue
SpectroCoinMasterCard or VisaWorldwide Excluding USAContinue
WirexVisaUSD, EUR, GBPWorldwide Continue
UquidVisaWorldwide Excluding USA + VietnamContinue
BitPay VisaUSA Continue

Anonymous Bitcoin Debit Cards

There have been anonymous bitcoin debit cards previously offered for small transaction amounts. Although Advcash, wirex and cryptopay have been claimed to be anonymous debit card options, they all require KYC verification before sending a card. The few that have done absolute anonymous bitcoin debit cards have always had “issues” with the banking “laws.” Apparently people transacting anonymously looks suspicious and isn’t allowed in the fiat world still.

The top 3 above are used by many uk bitcoin debit card hodler’s as well as Europeans and Indians. The ability to use credit cards in China with bitcoin is even possible with many. There are still the anonymous bitcoin exchanges available worldwide for buyers and sellers, the credit card providers have too many rules for anonymity to be possible anytime soon with debit cards.