Buying Bitcoin in Thailand

Yet another economy full of corruption and bankers manipulating the Thai Baht, people in Thailand are now buying bitcoin and alt-coins in massive amounts.

We aren’t sure how to feel about the Thailand elections on Zcoin’s blockchain. Being maximalists, we prefer our protocols to be decentralized, store value and transfer it between wallets securely. Whatever other “coins” do is usually news to us and that’s how we like it.

Best Bitcoin Exchanges in Thailand

With Thailand’s most popular exchanges being located within the country, it’s nice to know there is an easy on-ramp for buying and selling bitcoin in the country. The huge popularity of alt-coins has some concerned that people don’t fully comprehend the overall value that bitcoin provides in South East Asia. Anyone who wants to get rid of their Thai Baht for bitcoin at the large exchanges in the country will be stuck with the KYC (know your customer) procedures requirement identification which can delay purchases.

The Best Bitcoin Exchanges in Thailand currently are:

Anonymous Bitcoin Exchanges in Thailand

While exchanges exist in Thailand that the banks can track, there are still very trustworthy exchanges available around the world for private individuals to transact anonymously buying bitcoin. The popular options in Thailand include Localbitcoins (they won’t always KYC), Hodlhodl and Paxful. The decentralized cryptocurrency exchange bisq has a few traders in Thailand accepting Baht worth checking out.

The best anonymous bitcoin options in Thailand currently are:

Other Bitcoin Options in Thailand

Leave it to Thailand to have one bitcoin ATM in Chiang Mai with the fees disabled for buying bitcoin and alt-coins in the country. Seriously, just go to Vietnam and by some bitcoin with Baht like Malaysians do for low fee bitcoin ATM purchases. Ho Chi Minh City is really fun to party in after buying cryptocurrencies with your friends.

One of the three thousand members at the bitcoin meetup group in Bangkok will probably sell you some bitcoin for Thai Baht or know someone who will.