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Buying Bitcoin in Ireland

A decade after the Irish bank bailout and €140 billion of continued losses, people in Ireland can now buy bitcoin and limit how much the euro tanking will affect their wealth. With the UK leaving, Germany planning a European IMR and Italy wanting off the euro, there aren’t many currencies the Irish want to hold other than bitcoin.

Best Bitcoin Exchanges in Ireland

While the best exchanges in Ireland have been offering bitcoin and crypto currency for years, the identification and AML process can be lengthy, annoying and feel downright fascist. That’s why the no ID options are listed below with the trusted (bank approved) bitcoin exchanges that have been around for years.

This doesn’t mean your main bitcoin wallet should be on the actual exchange. Most people in crypto know, the exchanges “technically” own the bitcoin they hold there. Finding a free bitcoin wallet that the exchanges don’t own or control, is always a good idea.

The Best Bitcoin Exchanges in Ireland currently are:

Best ExchangesIrelandTypeKYCCurrencies 
CoinCornerExchangeYesAUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, NZD, SEK, ZARContinue
BitpandaExchange / Trading Platform YesEUR, CHF, GBP and USD. BTC, ETH, LTC and Hundreds of AltcoinsContinue
KrakenExchange / Trading PlatformYesEUR, CAD, VND, USD, CNY, BTC, ETH, XMR, XRP, many moreContinue
CoinjarExchange / Trading Platform YesAUD, GBP, EUR, Bpay, Blueshyft, BTC ETH, LTC Continue
LocalBitcoinsPeer to Peer Bitcoin Buying and SellingYesEUR, GBP, USD, CNY, JPY, BTC, LTC, ETHContinue
LakeBTCExchange / Trading Platform YesAll National Currencies, BTC, ETH, LTC Continue
PaybisExchange / Trading PlatformYesRUB, USD, EUR, GBP, Perfect Money, Yandex Money, Payeer, Adv Cash Continue
KunaExchange / Trading PlatformYesUAH, RUB, USD, EUR, GBP Continue
LiveCoinExchange / Trading PlatformYes (Bank Transfers) and
No (Crypto)
EUR, RUB, USD, Yandex.money, Qiwi, Perfect Money, Payeer Continue
BitMEXTrading PlatformNoBTC Continue
BititExchange / Trading PlatformYesHKD, CNY, JPY, EUR, GBP, USD, ZAR, SGD, BTC, ETH, LTCContinue
Spectro Exchange / Trading PlatformYesUSD, EUR, GBP, RUB, HRK, UAH, KZT, Perfect Money, Skrill, Payeer, OKPayContinue

Anonymous Bitcoin Exchanges

With so many data breaches happening in Ireland, one would think banks and websites would push privacy and anonymity more online. Fortunately for crypto currency enthusiasts, the crypto developers are all about security and privacy. The few anonymous bitcoin exchanges available will have a few learning curves that most people in Ireland will have no issues with.

With all of the banks losing customers information constantly, the ability to transfer funds with bitcoin or “second layer” solution is going to help everyone transact easier without giving up their privacy on the larger exchanges.

The Best Anonymous Bitcoin Exchanges for Ireland currently are:

Anonymous ExchangesIrelandTypeKYCCurrencies 
HodlHodlPeer to Peer BTC Exchange / Trading PlatformNoEUR, USDContinue
PaxfulAnonymous Bitcoin PurchasesNoWestern Union, Alipay, Visa Prepaid Cards, Amazon Gift Cards Continue
BISQAnonymous Person to Person Exchange / Trading Platform NoAUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, INR, JPY, NZD, RUB, SEK, ZAR (More) Continue
ChangellyAnonymous Bitcoin and Altcoin BuyingNoBTC, ETH, LTC and Hundreds of AltcoinsContinue
BinanceTrading PlatformNo

(under 2BTC)
BTC, ETH, LTC, Hundreds of Alt-coinsContinue
CoinMamaExchangeUnder $150 NoVisa, MasterCard, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, INR, JPY, NZD, RUB, SEK, ZARContinue

Other Options to Buy Bitcoin in Ireland

There really aren’t a lot of underground methods for the Irish to buy bitcoin other than hanging out with crypto geeks at the bitcoin meetup in Dublin. They probably drink a lot, so don’t buy any alts when you’re wasted. Regretting alt purchases the next day is extremely common.

The Bitcoin ATM’s in Ireland are in Cork of all places and of the two ATM’s only one show’s their fee’s, the other is sell only. The fee’s are never pretty with bitcoin ATM’s because capitalist banker scumbags invented the original ATM.

An app like mycelium local trader provides a bitcoin wallet that you can also use to do person to person trades nearby. The fee is 1% and they don’t hold your coins, just arrange the meetup between buyer and seller with reputation scores.