BBB LiveCoin Review

Livecoin – Is It Good?

Livecoin is a British-based cryptocurrency exchange with a huge amount of cryptocurrencies at your disposal. It offers P2P exchange and several attractive deposit and withdrawal options. They’re a very large cryptocurrency platform making it quite reliable. Although they don’t aim to cater to a specific part of the globe, they pay special attention to their Russian users, leading some to rumor about Russian ownership.

Although they claim to be the “fourth largest altcoin exchange on the internet”, more conservative analysis place them somewhere between the 30th and 50th.

But how good is Livecoin? Is Livecoin trustworthy? What do you need to sign up? And, most importantly, how does it stack up against other platforms?

What Does Livecoin provide?

When opening Livecoin’s website you’re greeted by a wall of cryptocurrencies exchange prices. The responsiveness and speed of the website is quite commendable for such a massive platform. However the lack of an app version of the website is very noticeable.

It appears Livecoin was established in 2013, however, it’s hard to corroborate that information, even with them. We do know that when they started they only offered Bitcoin and Litecoin but now they’ve grown to offer a wide variety of alt-coins. With over 80 different cryptocurrencies and more being added constantly, it’ll be hard to find one they’ve missed.

You can exchange fiat cash to crypto by depositing US dollars, Euros and Russian Rubles. Besides taking Visa and MasterCard you can also use payment methods like Payeer, Perfect Money, Capitalist, AdvCash and Qiwi.

Livecoin also offers some nice features in their website. One of the ones we liked the most is the Livecoin Trading Analysis. If you go there you’ll find “Pending Orders”. Pending orders are orders made automatically when the price hits the level you specified. This can be very useful if you’re trying to stay ahead of competitors and avoid a disturbance in the market. It’s also fun to play around with to automatize your orders.

With an interface that is easy to use and fast to load, and with so many options at your disposal it’s a great site to spend some time on, looking at fiat/crypto pairings and automatizing some future orders.

Supported Countries

Livecoin supports over 180 countries around the world including the United States, Canada, Russia and most of Europe. Countries not supported are the usual ones, like Syria and North Korea.

They do however have availability in Iraq and Iran, which is surprising with today’s political climate.

Livecoin Rates and Buying Limits

The deposit and withdrawal fees are varied as it’s normal with these companies. You will want to avoid Qiwi since it generates a whopping 20% fee with USD and EUR. AdvCash and Payeer also generate high deposit fees being PerfectMoney the cheapest at just 2% and Capitalist the best at 0%. However it’s worth noticing that you can deposit crypto for free so if you want to use the platform it may be better to buy crypto elsewhere and just transfer it from your wallet to your Livecoin account when you need it.

Livecoin trading fee: from 0.18% to 0.02%

Livecoin has a dynamic trading fee that rewards buyers who trade a lot. However if you’re anything else than a big trader, you’ll be stuck with their 0.18% trading fee which is applicable to anyone trading from $0 to $100,000 dollars.

Their minimum withdrawal amount is around 10 USD for most fiat options and lower for crypto.

Livecoin Pros
  • Wide alt-coin variety: Livecoin offers 490 crypto/fiat and crypto/crypto currency pairs.
  • Multilingual: You can access the site in their English, Russian and Chinese versions.
  • Safe Wallets: Although we never recommend using a wallet from an exchange, their user wallets are protected by a cold storage security system.
  • Low fees for high traders: The more money you trade, the less fees you’ll pay.
Livecoin Cons
  • Lack of live support: You’ll be able to contact them only through email about any issue you may have.
  • No mobile app: For such a large exchange, it’s odd to see they don’t have a mobile app available.
  • Lack of real company information: The fact that there is no real information about the company’s origin or ownership may bother some.

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Is Livecoin Good For Bitcoin?

Livecoin seems to like to inflate itself and have some mystery behind it. With no clear owner or date of release, we can only focus on its value. And while they may not be the fourth biggest exchange like they claim to be, we do know that it’s definitely a large and trustworthy site.

Livecoin also has the very rare option to trade alt-coins directly for fiat and it makes it even easier by showing you the pairings so you can see which option will generate the lowest fee.

Their more advance options will be very useful even for a beginner that wants to learn more about trading and their multitude of options will guarantee any alt-fan to have a great time in the site.