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Buying Bitcoin in Nigeria

While Nigeria’s Unions fight for higher minimum wages, global banks are exiting the country. Everyone in Nigeria could use a good store of value that bitcoin offers worldwide. Trading naira for bitcoin is one way Nigerians are finally able to own and control their money, while the IMF warns once again of the economic instability.

Best Bitcoin Exchanges in Nigeria

With Africa being one of the economies that bitcoin was intended to help initially, removing the central banks that have controlled the money for decades, the amount of bitcoin exchanges available are quite high. South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria have many of the same options for buying bitcoin with naira, shillings, rand or USD.

The most trusted bitcoin exchanges in Africa have been selling crypto currencies for years and will allow M-pesa, bank transfers and credit cards after customer’s accounts are verified. For those against the lengthy identification wait times, the anonymous bitcoin exchanges are also options for Nigerians.

The best bitcoin exchanges for Nigerians currently are:



Buy Bitcoin Anonymously in Nigeria

Buying bitcoin anonymously in Nigeria is possible without identification or waiting for verification of accounts. Nigeria having a reputation for scams has made escrows and other blockchain solutions planned by many to solve the need for third parties to verify transactions with crypto currencies. For now, the few peer to peer and decentralized exchanges below are open to anyone that wants to buy bitcoin.

The best exchanges to buy bitcoin anonymously in Nigeria currently are: