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Buy Bitcoin in Spain

With Spain’s economic recovery increasing the populations working poor and over 80% believe another financial crisis is imminent. The younger (and smarter) Spanish generation are buying bitcoin and crypto currencies at a massive rate. The Supreme Court ruling against Bankia for misleading investors in 2011 during their IPO, haven’t increased Spain’s citizens confidence with the banking industry storing their money.

People have been keeping their assets outside of Spanish banks since the bailout of billions years ago and bitcoins popularity in countries with similar economic issues continues to grow.

Best Bitcoin Exchanges in Spain

Most bitcoin purchases in Spain have citizens added to the “list” for tax authorities to make sure people buying crypto currencies file the three forms for ownership of digital currencies. This is why the anonymous exchanges are a little more popular (and covered below), due to the the KYC process requiring identification and taking a few hours to process. We’re watching for any new anonymous exchanges launching, as this method will surely be more popular with Spanish bitcoin purchases in the future.

The best bitcoin exchanges in Spain currently are:

Anonymous Bitcoin Exchanges available in Spain

The bitcoin exchanges doing bank wires from Spanish banks are always going to as for identification for the KYC (know your customer) laws banking “regulators” require. The same regulators don’t stop banks from illegal activity but that’s a long story. Stopping money laundering is supposed to be the regulators main priority, so everyone using banking services of any type obviously have to be ID’d and monitored.

There are enough anonymous exchanges currently that crypto enthusiasts anywhere in the world can find at least one option that suits their needs. With the popularity of bitcoin and alt-coins only growing, we expect there will be more exchanges making privacy the first priority and not have customers identification be at risk like they have been with the banks.

The best anonymous BTC exchanges in Spain currently are:

Other Crypto Options in Spain

The Bitcoin ATM options are all over Spain, unfortunately the 6% fee’s to buy bitcoin make it one of the more expensive options. Bitcoin ATM’s are generally a rip off in most countries, unlike mycelium that only has a 1% with their app to trade person to person.

The bitcoin meetups in Madrid and Barcelona have more than a few people willing to buy and sell from time to time.