24bestex – Is It Good?

24bestex is an exchange based in Ukraine with a multitude of alt-coins available to exchange. It has over 400 currency pairs and it separates itself from the rest by also offering cryptocurrency loans to users. You can exchange in 24bestex without registration and the platform is incredibly fast

However, 24bestex may be quite obscure to Westerners and there doesn’t seem to be an English version so trading with Google Translate as an intermediary for the interface can be bothersome.

But how good is 24bestex? Is 24bestex trustworthy? How does the crypto loan work? And, most importantly, how does it stack up against other platforms?

What Does 24bestex provide?

Established in 2016, 24bestex is a Ukrainian platform with a plethora of alt-coins to trade. Although it’s relatively new, 24bestex reviews are glowing! In fact, in one of the review platforms the only negative review is addressed directly by 24bestex to explain to the user exactly what happened with their transaction. You don’t see that every day!

You don’t need to register to start using the platform, so you can avoid the annoying KYC requirements and start trading right away. But if you do decide to register you can enjoy a generous referral program.  While in other platforms you get a few bucks per referral at best, 24bestex’s referral program gives you up to 0.5% commission in passive income of the total amount of all exchanges your referrals make. That’s quite attractive and an ambitious way to get more clients that you rarely see in other platforms.

The platform is also quite fast. In fact, although transactions can take up to 29 minutes, most transactions are completed within 5 minutes and an SSL certificate ensures the confidentiality of your data.

24bestex’s crypto loan is also a unique feature. You can get the equivalent of up to 10,000 USD at a unique rate of 0.49% daily. There are no penalties, no additional commissions and no credit history requirements. You can also take as long as you need to pay for it! Unfortunately, the catch is a big one: This service is currently limited to Ukrainian users and you need to submit Ukrainian ID to apply for it.

The exchange platform is very simple to use. All you need to do is go to the 24bestex home page and fill up what you want to exchange. After that you’ll be taken to another website where the page will ask you for your wallet information and your email. After you click the “Exchange” button you’ll see the transfer details in a pop-up window. Once you’ve done the transfer you indicate so at the website and you’ll receive a confirmation email with the details of your transaction.

Supported Countries

24bestex is available worldwide since you don’t have to register to use it. However, the platform is only available in Russian from 10:00 till 22:00 UTC+.

24bestex Rates and Buying Limits

24bestex’s rates are hard to identify since they do not list them on the website. However the rates vary depending on the pairing:

24bestex fee: 1-5%

The best rate from crypto to fiat and vice versa seems to be by using Perfect Money, which is around only 1%. Rates are also low between cryptocurrencies. Using Payeer gave us the worst percentage, with over 5% going to pay the conversion rates.

24bestex Pros

  • Live support: You can contact their support as soon as you enter the website through their live chat.
  • Lots of alt-coin options: From Ethereum to Dogecoin, you’ll be able to expand your portfolio quite quickly with 24bestex.
  • Great reviews: Although the platform is somewhat new, the reviews are usually glowing.
  • No registration required: You can start exchanging as soon as you enter the website.
  • Great referral program: With a generous constant percentage, you can easily make passive income by referring users to the platform.

24bestex Cons

  • Lack of English version: The platform is only available in Russian.
  • Lack of support for alt-coins: Besides Bitcoin you’ll only be able to buy Ethereum.
  • Hidden fees: The fees are already included in the transaction so finding out exactly how much you’re paying in fees can be tricky.

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Is 24bestex Good for Bitcoin?

24bestex is very clearly an exchange focused mainly in its Ukrainian users. There’s no English version of the website available and its best feature (the cryptocurrency loan) is only available for Ukrainians. However, the platform itself is quite interesting and simple to use. You can exchange many alt-coins and the service is fast and convenient for everyone. We only hope they continue expanding to make it easier for English speakers to trade in the platform