365cash.co – Is It Good?

365cash.co is an exchange located in Georgia and servicing mostly Russian and Ukrainian users. It has incredibly low commissions and it does not require registration, although with its attractive discounts and referral programs you’ll probably want to think twice before using it without registering! 365cash.co also has good customer support and fast transactions.

However, the owner of 365cash.co is a mystery since the owner uses a service to hide his/her identity, which always makes a service look a bit shady. And although the transactions are quick, the website is slower than average and transactions can only be done from 9:00 to 0:00 Moscow time, which can be inconvenient for some.

So how good is 365cash.co? Is 365cash.co trustworthy? Can anyone in the world use it? And, most importantly, how does it stack up against other platforms?

What Does 365cash.co provide?

Established in 2015 and with over 25,000 users, 365cash.co is definitely not a new scam service looking to keep your money. It’s actually a very simple and cheap service focused mostly on Russians and Australians but with several options for fiat.

There’s no need to register in 365cash.co to start using the platform. In fact, anyone can use the platform anywhere. However, if you do choose to register you’ll get a few perks with it. The first one is its affiliate program. With 365cash.co you don’t get a fixed amount every time you refer someone. Instead you get a more profitable commission based on how much your referrals make for the company. In fact, they’re currently offering 25% of their fees as a referral reward for you! And to make it more attractive for anyone to change, your referrals will get a reward as well.

Another advantage of registering with 365cash.co is its loyalty program. It’s divided in four levels, each level achieved when you exchange $2’000, $5’000, $10’000 and $20’000 respectively. You’ll get a discount of up to 0.4% of their exchanges for every level you get, which is not too shabby.

Another great feature of 365cash.co is its customer support. In a multitude of platforms, we find that you can only contact customer support through a slow email and you have to end up waiting until they reply. 365cash.co offers live support on its platform and on Skype, and it has earned great reviews.

Transactions at 365cash.co are fast. Bitcoin payments are usually verified in less than two hours with most taking half that time. However, as we mentioned at the beginning, transactions are only conducted between 9:00 and 0:00 Moscow time so you may need to wait up to nine hours if you trade at the wrong time.

The computer used to run 365cash.co has been found to also host other websites, which is quite uncommon for a platform this size although not unheard of. The shared computer may explain the lack of speed in the website, which can be quite inconvenient at times. This could however be worse than just an inconvenience, since it could be a potential security risk which is why you should always keep your coins in a separate wallet and only use other platforms as a jumping point to it.

Supported Countries

Since there’s no need for registration 365cash.co can be used worldwide, although it is focused on its Russian and Ukrainian users.

365cash.co Rates and Buying Limits

365cash.co has dynamic fees which depend on the payment method.

365cash.co fee: Variable

Although the fees are too variable to list, they will be listed clearly at the moment of the exchange. We got the most expensive fees (around 5%) when using Perfect Money USD and the lowest fees when trading crypto to crypto.

365cash.co Pros

  • Simple and easy to use: You don’t even have to register to use the platform.
  • Great referral program:co has a generous referral program which would allow you to get money for getting people into the platform.
  • Low fees: If you know how to use them.
  • Great customer support: With live chat and Skype support, you can get an answer as soon as a question pops up.

365cash.co Cons

  • Lack of public owners: Some people may find it worrying to know the owner actively hides their identity.
  • Moscow hours: The platform is only available from 9:00 to 0:00 Moscow time.
  • Potentially insecure hosting: The sharing of a computer to host other websites could open the platform to a security breach.

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Is 365cash.co Good for Bitcoin?

365cash.co is a pretty simple platform. We loved the fact that you don’t have to register to start using it and we loved the extra features when you register. Trading is incredibly easy and the platform itself is very simple and intuitive. It also has great reviews online which is rare for a cryptocurrency exchange. The few things we don’t like however are the shadiness of the company.

Having a secret owner is worrisome when you realize just how insecure the platform can be. If you want to start using 365cash.co just make sure your money is just at the platform for the amount of time you absolutely need it to be and transfer it back to your wallet once you’re done. Keep in mind Moscow hours and you shouldn’t have any problems using this platform!