“The best time to get into bitcoin was yesterday, the second best time is today” is the rallying call of more than a few maximalists.

People new to buying bitcoin have to look at the historical data of when the “best time” to buy would have been for them. There is almost 8 years of data (it was a buy at less than $1) for the prices people have purchased bitcoin at, there have been many entry that were amazing entry points in retrospect.

Our original Trading Strategy for buying bitcoin:

As you can see, our “buy the dip” and hold strategy that got us here, might not get us to where we want to be in the future. This is because hedge funds started buying bitcoin in 2017, to manipulate the price during 2018 with short positions.

So every buyer and holder needs to make sure they understand the “correct” times to buy vs. “anytime” to store value in bitcoin now. You could probably sell at some of those points last year but we don’t know how to do that.

Learn Technical Analysis

There are some basic patterns that ALL technical traders use to make decisions for buying and selling anything on a market at the correct times.

Times to buy before the price goes higher:

Times to sell when the price is going down:
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Find a TA on Youtube

The really lazy (guilty), just find one of the hundreds of TA traders on YouTube that go over charts and go over their price change expectations. Their videos should have months or years of calls that you can watch, with the historical price of bitcoin to see if they’re accurate.

We are fans of Tone Vays for this obviously, he has charted the price of bitcoin for years quite accurately. When the spike at the end of 2017 was happening, even at that point he was warning 2018 would be a slow year… that wasn’t a HARD call to make.

For people who don’t TA though, it always good to know what experienced traders think the price levels will look like over the next few days and weeks.

Trading Bitcoin with Tone Vays Tyler Jenks (old school Maximalist) and Leah Wald

Tyler Jenks is another favorite. With 42 years of experience on wall street and managing hundreds of millions of dollars for institutions, charities, pension funds and individuals. The guy traded way back when the US dollar was taken off of the gold standard…how legit is that?

Hyperwave – The Greatest Opportunities I have seen in Financial Markets (with Tone Vays)
Or you can obviously find a hundred new and decent technical analysts with YouTube channels making calls on price chance. Word of warning though, if you are new and don’t fully understand the value of bitcoin yet, stay off the shitcoins.