To invest or not to invest. That’s the dilemma that a lot of people have nowadays when trying to decide if Bitcoin (or any alt-coin) is worth their long-term investment. With the highs and lows that bitcoin has had since it became mainstream, should you invest in bitcoin? On one hand you have the coin’s instability. On the other one, a unique investment opportunity on getting the coin on the future this 2019.

Here’s why we think you should invest in bitcoin this 2019:

A Coin Without Flags

As we’ve mentioned before, one of the biggest pros of getting bitcoin is that it’s a decentralized currency that doesn’t depend on any government. That means that its value doesn’t depend on the stability or the politicians of any country. Its value depends purely on the users.

Governments and banks don’t know what to do with cryptocurrency since, for the first time in centuries, they can’t access the users’ money. And that’s a great thing! In Venezuela for instance, the bolivar has become practically worthless thanks to a corrupt government. In these environments, bitcoin becomes especially valuable since it doesn’t depend on the government of any country and it’s not affected by political sanctions.

You can go to any store, digital or physical that accepts bitcoin and complete your transactions without having to exchange any currency, safe from any government and in confidentiality. If you’re traveling anywhere where bitcoin is accepted, using your bitcoins to pay for products and services is often cheaper than exchanging your currency to the local currency.

In a world controlled by banks and governments, cryptocurrency is the only type of currency that is truly free.

Having A Cryptocurrency Account Is Free And Simple

Most banks charge for opening an account, charge you for not keeping enough money in it and demand you to own money to open the account on the first place. Most cryptocurrency platforms however don’t charge you for any of that. You can open an account for free in minutes just as easily as you’d make an account in any other website. Plus, depending on your country, you can find multiple anonymous options to buy your bitcoins and alt-coins. Transactions costs are usually also significantly lower compared to any bank.

No more charges for account handling or penalties for not keeping a minimum amount.

Bitcoin Is Better At Protecting Your Privacy Than Banks

You may be surprised to learn that your banks are selling your private information to third parties. They use your private information to use you as a product and try and sell you articles akin to the ones you’re most likely to buy in the future. With complex algorithms they can determine your location, personality and gender to keep your profile on their records.

And that’s when they’re working willingly with third parties. Since they keep so much private info, banks are primary hacker targets. They steal your personal information and sell it to people with even less morals. Lots of these con artists buy your stolen information from a hacker to add to their database, getting to know, among other details, your name, age, how much money you own and where you live.

And those security breaches are more common than you may think. HSBC had a gigantic security breach during late 2018. And if you look up your bank in Wikipedia’s data breach list you’ll probably find it.

However it is impossible to hack bitcoin’s user data base because such database doesn’t exist. No one can track your purchases with crypto to sell them to the best bidder. Bitcoin is the best way to keep your private life, private.

Bitcoin Is The Leader

There are a lot of different cryptocurrencies in the market. However, if you want to start investing in one, why not invest in the leader? From among almost two thousand digital coins, bitcoin is the most valuable one, the most famous one and the one that most people use. Plus, the only way to invest in a lot of smaller alt-coins is by buying them with bitcoin. That means that, as these currencies grow, bitcoin’s value will increase with them.

Promising Predictions

Since the bitcoin bubble burst, its value has been more or less stable. It’s just a matter of checking any price history chart to see how fast it rose, how fast it fell and how little it has changed since then compared to the bitcoin craze from a while ago.

Lots of experts predict that bitcoin will continue rising, and it’s easy to see where they’re coming from. At the beginning of the craze, bitcoin was being bought by people that wanted to make a quick buck but didn’t understand or valued the technology. Since the bubble burst, only the people that value the technology have kept it and, since then, more and more people are coming around to it as they understand the technology behind cryptocurrency better.

Bitcoin is starting to be accepted in more and more stores. Imagine how much its value will increase as Amazon and other giants inevitably start taking bitcoin as a payment option! People are investing in bitcoin not as a fading trend but because they see the value of leaving banks behind, leaving governments behind and, for the first time, truly owning their own money.

The Best Way To Truly Own Your Own Money

Bitcoin is giving control back to the people. Unlike your bank savings, no third party can access cryptocurrency. No one can block a cryptocurrency transfer and no one can confiscate your money, especially if you keep it in a virtual wallet. No one can deny you access to your cryptocurrency like governments and banks deny access to their citizens and users when there’s an economic crisis.

Banks, as we’ve seen, can be stolen. They can declare bankruptcy and keep your money, sometimes even legally. Since bitcoin is a decentralized currency, bitcoin depends only on its users.

A World With Bitcoin

As we’ve seen, bitcoin is a rising technology. Its growth is inevitable. As things are going, sooner or later we’ll all use cryptocurrencies and wonder how we used to use such a dirty and archaic way of currency controlled by banks and governments. The only difference is that now you have a unique opportunity of owning bitcoins at a lower price. Don’t wait any longer. Visit our beginners guide to start or look for a bitcoin platform in your country here.